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October 18 2013

World Wide Weddings: Germany

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Today we start a new continuing feature here at weddingsetups.com: a look at wedding traditions from around the world. You can use these articles to honor your family’s heritage during your wedding ceremony, wherever it takes place. Or, you can celebrate the bride or groom’s culture during a pre-wedding party (an article with ideas for these parties will follow).

German Wedding Traditions

Festive Felony

In the smaller villages, the bride may be ‘kidnapped’. The groom looks for her in the local pubs, often picking up the tab for all of the customers or inviting them along in the search.


There is a house party before the wedding that ends with all of the dishes getting smashed for good luck. The “lucky” bride and groom have to clean up the mess.

German Wedding Food

The bride and groom snack on bread when they first arrive at their home after the wedding, to symbolize that they will never go hungry.

Wedding Cake

The traditional wedding cake is Baumkuchen, which is often made in stacked rings but can also come in the shape of a rectangular cake or small squares. The one below is from konditorei-werner.de, warning: if you visit this site it will make you want to fly to Germany for some dessert!

German Wedding Attire

Tasty Accessories

Traditionally, the bride carries bread and salt to symbolize a good harvest and the groom carries grain, which is a symbol for good luck and health. This is also an aspect of traditional Polish Weddings, to read all about them please visit polishwedding.blogspot.com – a very useful and informative source. Photo: Polishwedding.blogspot.com.

Yes, but how far can you throw it?

In Germany the bride passes her veil on to the next woman to be married, rather than throwing the bouquet.

German Wedding Decorations

Sharing a Cup

Another tradition is for the bride and groom to drink from a special cup that lets them both drink at the same time. This is based on the “Legend of the Maiden Bridal Cup” and you can buy one of the beautiful cups at mayhemltd.com.This cup would also make a thoughful gift to the bride from the groom. The cup, and it’s beautiful story could also be used to propose!

Flower Horse Power

In Germany, real flowers are used to decorate the cars, rather than the ribbons, bows, and plastic flowers often used in North America.

Important German Words

Wedding: Hochzeit

Bride: Braut

Groom: Brautigam

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October 06 2013

Floral Accents: White Rose Wedding

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Flower Motifs in Wedding Decorations

Fresh flower arrangements, bouquets, and boutonnieres – flowers play a big role in your wedding (and, possibly, your budget!). However, a Spring or Summer wedding can also include flowers in other decorating ideas as well.

Tips: Pick one type of flower and stick with it. If you do this, the flower can become a symbol for your big day and a subtle theme for all aspects of your wedding. Do not mix and match different flowers unless they are from the same group (i.e. wildflowers), and even then be very careful.

White Rose Fabric

Consider using the flower as a subtle design on some decorations – a raised pattern of white roses on a white background would be the kind of elelgant detail that people notice. For example, use a print like this one from cloaksofireland.com for the table linens (if the rose has a slight sheen to it and the background fabric is matte, it will be more noticeable.)

White Rose Petals

Use flower petals to decorate the church or reception hall. You can use fresh petals or purchase fabric petals, like these from wholesaleflowerandsupplies.com.

White Rose Stamps

You can include rose motifs right down to the smallest details, like using these stamps from zazzle.com on your invitations.

The Bride and Bloom

Tip: Keep in mind that even a white rose can have very different looks. Try to stick with the same shade of white and the same style so that your wedding doesn’t start to look unorganized.

Rose Wedding Favor

This delicate looking rose candle holder from hotref.com is made from resin and clear rhinestones (it includes the candle).

White Chocolate Rose Wedding Cake

A delicious and delightful white chocolate cake adorned with roses, from justscrumptious.co.uk.

DIY Delicious

You can make your own white roses from modeling chocolate, instructions at pastrychef.com. Leave them at each place setting as an edible decoration, or nestle each delicate rose in a favor box and send the guests home with one. Apparently, you can make them months ahead of time as long as you store them in a cool, dry location.

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August 23 2013

White Weddings that are Hot

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Baby, it’s cold outside…

You can really heat things up when the temperature outside is cool – it’s all about contrasts. Imagine a white wedding…

White Church


This historic white church, built in 1822, is set high on a hill in Blandford, Massachusetts. It is available for weddings (thewhitechurch.org). Consider a white carpet down the aisle, white flowers, and white fabric (tulle?) draped every where…

Or, scatter white petals outside the church and along the aisle. Or, use red petals and then have the flower girl add white petals when she walks down the aisle.

White Linens

p-white-h-BRL wedding flowers


As an added bonus, white linens are readily available from party rental companies (and are often less expensive than specialty colours). Your venue may even include white table cloths and other linens in the rental cost. Also, white dishes are now intentional and not just the every day plates used at every other event…

White Wedding Cake



If your wedding cake is going to be completely white, it can be ornately decorated without seeming over-the-top. Consider textures, flowers, designs…

White Flowers


You can make a white bouquet interesting by using several different flowers – you have a wide selection to choose from. Consider: roses, lilies, and gerber daisies together, for example.

White Carriage



…drawn by white horses of course! Another option: use white cars and decorate them with white flowers.



The Bride is supposed to be the centre of attention, right?

Now the wedding day is really all about you!

Note the white fingernails – a french manicure or something equally subtle is appropriate when you are wearing a red dress to your own wedding. Simple jewelry is also best – avoid white pearls or any other colour. Diamonds or red stones work well.

Make sure you have the personality to pull this off, not everyone should wear a red wedding dress! This is for confident, scene-stealers only!

For the very brave: Ask all of your guests to wear either black or white only so that you really light up your special day.

August 11 2013

Monograms Part 2: Wedding Stuff From A to Z

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This is the second installment in a two part series about monogrammed items for weddings.

Last time we featured wedding cake toppers and provided you with some guidelines and etiquette for creating a monogram (Monograms Part 1: Let Me Spell It Out For You).

Today we feature everything else wedding-related you might want to monogram…

Wedding Invitations

Here is a wonderful example of modern monogramming on a wedding invitation, one of many amazing creations by Kate at weddinginvitationdesigner.com. (This is an example of one of my favorite wedding color schemes, too, by the way.)



Here is a another invitation that caught my eye – you can order it online and customize the colors to match your wedding theme. I have a weakness for cherry blossoms when it comes to weddings…



Cake Decorations

Monograms can be right on the cake rather than placed on the top layer as a wedding cake topper. Look closely at the cake below to see the monogram piped on to the second layer for an understated, yet personal touch.



Cookies, Cupcakes

Everyone knows I can’t resist a cookie, and these custom colored cake cookies are so cute I feel like getting married all over again.



These cookies come individually wrapped in their own fancy box and can be ordered in various shapes and color. They look good enough to eat!



The Cookie That Really Takes The Cake

Check out this lovely wedding cake and cookie combo by Melissa a blogger who also makes custom cakes and cookies (check out her site thegoodapple.blogspot.com – her work is right up there with those reality TV cake shows if you ask me!).



Cupcake Toppers

Here is another sweet idea – monogrammed cupcake toppers handmade by Etsy seller lilbooandco –  you get to pick all of the details for the design (monogram, color, circle, square, scallop, flower, etc).



Another option for wedding cupcakes: a monogrammed cupcake wrapper.



August 07 2013

Monograms Part 1: Let me spell it out for you

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This is the first in a two part series about monogrammed items for weddings.

Today we feature wedding cake toppers in the monogram style.

How Do Monograms Work?

Here are some guidelines for how to create a monogram for you and your fiance(e). The bride and groom should decide what letters will make up their monogram, and it is proper etiquette for others to ask before having any gifts or wedding items monogrammed.

3 Letter Style

Traditionally the middle letter is the first letter of the groom’s last name. The letters go in the following order: first letter of wife’s first name, first letter of groom’s last name, first letter of groom’s first name. For example, if John Smith and Roberta Aster marry, their monogram would be RSJ.

1 Letter Style

The letter used here would be the shared last name of the married couple (if appropriate). For example, if John Smith and Roberta Aster marry, their monogram would be S.



4 Letter Style

This style works for blended last names (for example brides who will hyphenate their last names or just keep their original last name). For example, if John Smith and Roberta Aster marry, their monogram would be RSAJ (first letter bride’s first name, first letter bride’s last name, first letter groom’s last name, first letter groom’s first name).

2 Letter Style

This is another option for blended last names, where you just use the first letter of each last name (beginning with the bride’s last name). In the example above, this monogram would be S-A.



Ampersand Style

For a more contemporary and less formal look you might choose to use an ampersand (that’s the ‘and’ symbol). In this case, you use the first letter of both first names (example: Roberta and John turns into R&J)

Heart Style

Another fun look – connect the two first names with a heart (example:  Roberta hearts John)



Last Names – Other Guidelines

Last names that start with an apostrophe or Mc (examples: O’Reagan or McDonald) still use the very first letter (in these examples: “O” and “M”).

Simply Elegant

Here is the classic monogram style for a cake topper. This style will work well with an ornately decorated cake. It would also suit an overall simple, understated look too if that is what you’re aiming for.



Classy Glassy

This engraved glass cake topper becomes a keepsake for your china cabinet after the event.



Crystal Clear

A sophisticated version of the Swarovski crystal monogram cake topper, available in a highly polished gold or silver finish.



Or glam on the glitz with a glittery Swarovski version like the one below (available in all of the colors of the rainbow).



A topper with Swarovski accents is a nice look, too.



White Wedding

Another simple look that is surprisingly effective – white letters.



Modern Bride

These silver-tone metal toppers are perfect for the couples who are anything but old-fashioned.