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September 24 2013

Do It Yourself Wedding Favors

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Here are some great ideas for wedding favors that you can make yourself! A great way to set your wedding apart from the rest – when you make your own favors they can be truly unique and customized to your character as a wedding couple. You can also save a lot of money!

Sweet Deals

Check online for stores that sell wholesale chocolate and buy your candy favors in bulk. For example, you can get a 6 pound box of delicious almond bark at candywarehouse.com. Available in white, dark, or milk chocolate – if you need more than one box, mix it up so that you can offer a selection to each guest.

You can buy favor bags and boxes online as well, or check out your local dollar store, craft store, or discount department store for sales. Sandscripts.com offers a wide variety of fabric bags, gift bags, and gift boxes. You can also order customized ribbon for your event for a very reasonable price.

Cookie Cutter Wedding

Another idea – invite a few of your friends over for a cookie crafternoon. Bake the cookies beforehand if possible, and then get together to decorate and package the goods with your friend (ask them to bring over some bottles of wine to get the creative juices really flowing). Check out sweetopia for instructions for these beautiful butterfly cookies, as well as lots of general tips and links to other online resources for cookie decoration.

If you’re not confident about your cookie skills – bake and decorate simple cookies instead and then focus on presentation, instead.

Or, buy cookie cutters in bulk, attach your favorite recipe and your wedding date with a beautiful ribbon, and you’re done (no baking required!). Tip: buy the cookie cutters from an online cookie cutter store rather than a specialty wedding store for better prices! Check out cookiecutter.com for lots of options: flowers for a spring wedding, hearts, brides and grooms, etc.

September 20 2013

Wedding Favors: Double Duty

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Today we feature my favorite kind of wedding favors.

I feel very strongly that wedding favors need to be useful – they should be more than a useless knickknack. I love wedding favors that are edible or wedding favors that can be planted in your garden.

But most of all, I love wedding favors that serve double duty – they are perfect for the budget conscious bride. What do I mean by double duty? I mean favors that also serve as a place card or, when displayed on the table, become the centerpiece. Here are some of my favorites:

Picture Frame Favor – Place Card

This pink rhinestone frame from hotref.comis used as a place card for guest seating and also functions as a cute wedding favor that guests can take home.


Bamboo Wedding Favor – Centerpiece

Group these individual pots from natureperfect.comtogether on each table to make a unique centerpiece. Guests get to pick one and take it home afterwards!


Shot Glass Wedding Favor and Special Toast

Serve filled shot glasses, like these ones from favorfavor.com to the guests and ask them to participate in a special toast. Perfect fun for a destination wedding where you can use the local specialty (tequila, grappa, jagermeister…). Then they get to take the glass home as a wedding favor.


Custom Dice Wedding Favor and Reception Ice Breaker

A cute favor for the Las Vegas wedding or geeky couple who love to play yahtzee. Create custom yahtzee score paper and include a cup at each table so that your guests can have some fun getting to know each other while the wedding party is off getting photos taken. Provide prizes to the winner at each table or reward them by forcing them to sing a song or share a story about the happy couple!

September 16 2013

The Classic Cocktail Party: 1950s Theme

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In the 1950′s people really knew how to throw a cocktail party (or at least in the movies they did, anyways!).

Finger Foods, Mixed Drinks, and Party Games

A Classic Cocktail Party (fifties theme) is the perfect setting for a bridal shower, engagement party, or jack and jill party.

And, here’s a great  idea: carry the 50′s theme a step further by focussing on that famous 50′s married TV couple: Lucy and Ricky Ricardo!

Copy the heart from the TV series credits but replace “I Love Lucy” with the names of the engaged couple. Play your favorite episodes of the show on a TV set (this will give party guests something to talk about – a bonus if your guest list is made up of lots of people who are just getting acquainted).

You can even buy a CD of Desi Arnaz performing his hits – aptly named “Cocktail Hour”.




Lucy and Ricky VS. Fred and Ethel

Seat the engaged couple together against the Best Man and Maid of Honor. Print out the faces of Lucy, Ricky, Fred, and Ethel and either make them into masks or use them to label the contestants’ spots if you are seating them behind table. Or, better yet, make them wear t-shirts with the character’s head printed across the chest. Explain that you will be asking questions to see who knows the bride and groom better – the fiance/fiancee or the best friends? Ask the party guests to take sides – who will win? Ask a series of questions. Give prizes to the winning couple and party favors to the guests standing on the winners’ side of the room (jello shots perhaps?).

Party Prizes

Get party prizes straight from the source – you can shop at the I Love Lucy online store. Purchases help support the Lucy-Desi Museum and the Desilu Playhouse in Jamestown, New York. They have a whole line of salt and pepper sets based on household items (vacuum, washer/dryer, toaster) all very 50′s housewife and reminiscent of classic wedding gifts. Other ideas from their store: a set of Lucy coasters or a tin of of Lucy’s Predica-mints!



Time to stock the bar and buy a cocktail recipe book! Designate a bartender for the evening (or several, to work in shifts). Another option is to select two or three cocktails to offer – or one signature cocktail for the couple and a big bowl of fancy punch. You can read more about cocktail party drinks at our previous article about Jack and Jill parties.


Cocktail Party Clothes

A cocktail party also gives you the perfect excuse to wear a party dress and a cute pair of shoes!  Check out a list of top ten Retro Dresses at thefashionpolice.net.

You can get your whole cocktail costume at starletsandharlets.com

Their rock and roll retro looks put the cocky into cocktail.



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September 08 2013

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Winter Wedding Outdoor Decorations

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Don’t let winter confine your wedding ideas to the indoors – you still have plenty of opportunity to make big plans for the great outdoors. A blanket of snow or frost can provide the perfect backdrop for some stunning decorations outside the place where you get married or celebrate afterwards (or both). The white sheen of snow or ice bounces back light to draw attention to focal points you create.

In the last post (Winter Wedding Wonderland) I gave some examples of how you can use Winter to your advantage: twinkling lights, a dramatic fur cape, bright flowers for contrast – go back to the article to see all of the great ideas there.

Big Wedding Plans for the Great Outdoors

Bright Ideas for Winter White

Imagine these vibrant petals scattered on the snow along both sides of a path to your chapel – or in your outdoor wedding photos. If the canvas is white, you can literally paint with the petals.


Creative use of dance lights to paint a white landscape would also be effective for a nighttime event (or late afternoon – it can get dark quite early, another advantage to winter weddings!).



Paper lanterns can also be beautiful (and budget-conscious) as long as they are needed for only a brief time (rain or even mist will damage them very quickly).



White on White

For an elegant look, you can avoid contrast and accentuate the whiteness by decorating with transparent or white objects – excellent for a clear, bright winter day. If your event is at night, you can use accent lighting to draw the eye.



You can add your own icicles to nature to emphasize the season. For example, you could decorate with icicles made out of glass or handcrafted snowflakes.



These snowflakes are larger than life at 4 feet tall.



While you are bringing big ideas to your winter wedding – you can also incorporate it into the details at the same time. This really pulls the whole event together. Here is an example:

A beautiful snowflake headband



September 04 2013

Winter Wedding Wonderland

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Recently we looked at the beautiful possibilities presented by a wedding with a white theme (White Weddings That Are Hot, November 10, 2009). This week we’re going to look at a different kind of white wedding: one that happens when it’s snowing outside.

Winter Wedding Wonderland

A snowy setting can be a winter wonderland but it also presents it’s own challenges. For example, it’s cold out and we want the beautiful b-r-r-r-r-r-r-bride to look gorgeous (and comfortable) in the photos.

What to Wear

Winter Wedding Photography Tips is an article that offers some expert advice (it looks like they are based out of Utah so they know what they are talking about). They advise you to bring a cape or jacket to keep warm between shots, bring hand warmers, wear warm leggings under your dress, and that you can wear boots in the snow because your dress will hide them!

Light Up The Night

An evening wedding in a snowy setting give you an opportunity to shine. Select a venue with floor to ceiling windows looking out on to a park. Decorate the outdoors with hundreds of tiny white lights and stage your entrance for maximum effect.

Arrive in a horse and carriage.



An outdoor arrival also allows you and your wedding party the exciting opportunity to dress for the occasion! Check out this stunning floor length fur cape.





Bring the Outdoors Inside

Run a luxurious white carpet down the church aisle and decorate the aisle seating with white feathers that will evoke fluffy snow. Make sure you have an ice sculpture at your reception, of course – or, go all out and get an ice bar!

Some Cool Examples

Most importantly, no matter what the season, your wedding should also be FUN for it to be a success. Here are some examples of beautiful weddings that don’t take themselves too seriously.

Crystal Mountain Resort & Spa Michigan – the bride wears a white coat over her dress and the children in the wedding party wear black bottoms with white winter coats. The snow (and the exercise!) accentuate her rosy cheeks, making her a true blushing bride. From the footage it seems like the wedding manages to be fun and beautiful at the same time.

Another fun example from Sun Peaks resort in British Columbia Canada. The wedding took place at a cute mountain chapel on clear, sunny winter day. The flower girl leaves petals along the snow path in vibrant colors. The bridesmaids wear dresses with cute winter boots. The father of the bride looks cool as can be in sunglasses to shield his eyes from the sun bouncing off the snow (or to hide his tears if he get misty!). Check out the end when the bride casually snowboards down the slopes in her dress!