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September 20 2013

Wedding Favors: Double Duty

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Today we feature my favorite kind of wedding favors.

I feel very strongly that wedding favors need to be useful – they should be more than a useless knickknack. I love wedding favors that are edible or wedding favors that can be planted in your garden.

But most of all, I love wedding favors that serve double duty – they are perfect for the budget conscious bride. What do I mean by double duty? I mean favors that also serve as a place card or, when displayed on the table, become the centerpiece. Here are some of my favorites:

Picture Frame Favor – Place Card

This pink rhinestone frame from hotref.comis used as a place card for guest seating and also functions as a cute wedding favor that guests can take home.


Bamboo Wedding Favor – Centerpiece

Group these individual pots from natureperfect.comtogether on each table to make a unique centerpiece. Guests get to pick one and take it home afterwards!


Shot Glass Wedding Favor and Special Toast

Serve filled shot glasses, like these ones from favorfavor.com to the guests and ask them to participate in a special toast. Perfect fun for a destination wedding where you can use the local specialty (tequila, grappa, jagermeister…). Then they get to take the glass home as a wedding favor.


Custom Dice Wedding Favor and Reception Ice Breaker

A cute favor for the Las Vegas wedding or geeky couple who love to play yahtzee. Create custom yahtzee score paper and include a cup at each table so that your guests can have some fun getting to know each other while the wedding party is off getting photos taken. Provide prizes to the winner at each table or reward them by forcing them to sing a song or share a story about the happy couple!

July 30 2013

Ball and Chain Party Theme

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For the bachelor or bachelorette with a sense of humor…

This party theme would work well for a stag or stagette, bridal shower, or even a surprise party at work for an engaged coworker.

Costume Party

Make your victim (oops, I mean the engaged person) wear this ball and chain for the duration of the event. You can get these at most costume stores – also available online for as little as $3.99.



Does He?



Life Sentence

Or, make the bride to be wear this sexy convict costume. Bride-it-up with a veil and write ‘Sentenced to Life as a Mrs’ or something like that across her chest or back.




Use black or silver construction paper to make chains for decoration (you can use black balloons as the balls). Hang them on the walls or from the ceiling or attach them around all of the table and chair legs.



Or, you can get fancy and order some pretty precut paper for your chains:





The ‘Ball and Chain’ martini is made from berry flavored vodka, orange liqueur, lime juice, and fresh blueberries (recipe at foodnetwork.com)

Cake Decoration

Dessert is a piece of cake with this cake topper – just stick it on top of any store bought cake of your choice (ice cream cakes are always popular with the boys).




Black mini chocolate balls.



Fun and Games

Write down a list of rules everyone has to follow – guests have to take a drink or lose a point every time they break the rules (things you’re “not allowed” to do once you’re married).

Examples: Catch other guests or the guest of honor flirting, checking out men/women, dancing with men/women, ignoring a phone call from significant other, etc. The goal here is for the party guests to lure the guest of honor into doing these things (and then catch him/her at it!).

Something to Take Home

Great party favors or a souvenir for the bride and groom.




Songs to stick on the record player or request from the DJ…

Ball and Chain – Social Distortion

Ball and Chain – Sublime

Ball and Chain – XTC

Lucky Ball and Chain – They Might Be Giants

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July 14 2013

Wedding Planning: Destination Weddings

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Destination Weddings are becoming more popular every year. They are a great way to make your special event even more special. And, perhaps surprisingly, they are often less expensive than a traditional wedding in your hometown!

There are websites that will help you plan your destination wedding.



This site boasts that 89,101 weddings have been created with its site. It allows you to create a free website for your wedding event. The site has exclusive offers for destination weddings all over the world (including cruise ships). It generates a ‘save the date’ announcement that you can send to your invited guests. Guests also make their travel arrangements through the same coordinator so that everyone can benefit from the same group rates and hotel/air packages. Guests can also purchase your wedding gift online from the honeymoon registry, which might include a day at the hotel spa or flowers for the honeymoon suite!


This site offers many of the same services but specializes in island weddings in the Caribbean (over 30 destinations).


This site advertises itself as specializing in “unique, luxury group destination weddings”. The website is impressive and worth a visit. It offers a wide variety of locations as well and allows you to customize your event with special features. This site also offers several honeymoons in its Luxe Honeymoon Collection.

After the event, photos and video of the wedding ceremony and reception can be viewed at the couple’s wedding website.

Wedding in Thailand

Destination Weddings: Trip Tips

1. Marriage Licenses and Laws

Laws governing marriage differ from country to country (and in some countries, the are different in each province or state). One example close to home: many people think they can just run off to Las Vegas and get married but that’s not quite true. It’s wise to get your marriage license beforehand – otherwise you might end up in a long line up. Also, the office isn’t open 24 hours so it’s not like you can suddenly decide to get hitched at 3am and then hurry over to a chapel. Getting married in Mexico? There is a 2-3 day waiting period and mandatory blood tests that cost $125 each.

2. Travel Arrangements

Don’t forget about your guests when making your travel arrangements. It’s much easier to get a group rate or package and then offer it to everyone so that your guests are all staying at the same location and you have some control over their arrival/departures. This will be easier if you find out approximately how many guests will be attending and what dates work for them first. Then you can make some plans and get back to them with an estimate of the cost before you ask them to commit.

3. Don’t Take It Personally

If you decide to have a destination wedding, be prepared that not everyone you invite will be able to attend. The positive side to this is that you extend an invitation to many people (which will make them happy) and that you will end up spending much less on the reception dinner, wedding favors, etc than you would if you had your wedding locally! The negative side is that some people you really care about may not be able to afford the travel expenses. Never, ever put pressure on them – this will only take away from the fun atmosphere at the event. This may be one of the biggest days in your life, but remember that your guests have lives of their own that they need to pay for.

Destination Weddings for Less

Expert Advice

Marcy Blum, famous event planner talks about Destination Weddings on howdini.com.

July 06 2013

Wedding Planning: Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst Part 1

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The first installment in a series about how you can prevent your wedding from becoming an example of a worst case scenario!

Today we focus on…

Part 1: The Bride

You may have heard the saying, “If you can’t be a good example, then be a cautionary tale.” Well, you don’t want to be that bride people talk about and you don’t want your wedding catastrophe viewed on youtube by millions of people, right? Here are a few tips.

1. Don’t try out any new foods in the days leading up to your wedding – you don’t want to have to deal with an allergic reaction or, worse, explosive diarrhea!



2. Try your dress on again one week before your wedding just to make absolutely sure you fit into it properly.  Wear it for at least 1o minutes and wear all of the underthings and accessories you plan to wear on your big day. Bend over, sit down, dance, try out some stairs – anything you will be doing on the day of your wedding.

3. Wear your shoes in- how many hours will you wear them during the event? Try wearing them for this same amount of time and make sure you can do it. Sore, blistered feet will have a negative effect on your wedding night…

4. Don’t get drunk! There are already too many examples of drunken brides on YouTube. Yes you want to have fun, but remember you also want to look good in the photos and you want to REMEMBER the event! Try drinking a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage if you will find this a challenge. I found that I didn’t even have the chance to drink – I was so busy getting pictures taken, giving toasts, dancing, etc – the time by went so fast.

5. Don’t try out a new type of deodorant or tampon on your wedding day! And, seriously, don’t put deodorant on your FACE like this lady…

Any other tips? If you can think of any please share them in the comments and I might feature them in Part 2 – coming soon!