World Wide Weddings: Germany

Today we start a new continuing feature here at a look at wedding traditions from around the world. You can use these articles to honor your family's heritage during your wedding ceremony, wherever it takes place. Or, you can celebrate the bride or groom's culture during a pre-wedding party (an article with ideas for these parties will follow).

German Wedding Traditions

Festive Felony

In the smaller villages, the bride may be 'kidnapped'. The groom looks for her in the local pubs, often picking up the tab for all of the customers or inviting them along in the search.


There is a house party before the wedding that ends with all of the dishes getting smashed for good luck. The "lucky" bride and groom have to clean up the mess.

German Wedding Food

The bride and groom snack on bread when they first arrive at their home after the wedding, to symbolize that they will never go hungry.

Wedding Cake

The traditional wedding cake is Baumkuchen, which is often made in stacked rings but can also come in the shape of a rectangular cake or small squares. The one below is from, warning: if you visit this site it will make you want to fly to Germany for some dessert!

German Wedding Attire

Tasty Accessories

Traditionally, the bride carries bread and salt to symbolize a good harvest and the groom carries grain, which is a symbol for good luck and health. This is also an aspect of traditional Polish Weddings, to read all about them please visit - a very useful and informative source. Photo:

Yes, but how far can you throw it?

In Germany the bride passes her veil on to the next woman to be married, rather than throwing the bouquet.

German Wedding Decorations

Sharing a Cup

Another tradition is for the bride and groom to drink from a special cup that lets them both drink at the same time. This is based on the "Legend of the Maiden Bridal Cup" and you can buy one of the beautiful cups at cup would also make a thoughful gift to the bride from the groom. The cup, and it's beautiful story could also be used to propose!

Flower Horse Power

In Germany, real flowers are used to decorate the cars, rather than the ribbons, bows, and plastic flowers often used in North America.

Important German Words

Wedding: Hochzeit

Bride: Braut

Groom: Brautigam

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